Runners' View

We've had some great feedback from previous competitors in the Great Highnam Court Run, coupled with a set of 'in action' photos from Georgie Fenton's (Ladies 5K winner 2015) headcam.

Photos: Georgie Fenton 2015

Thank you for a fantastic race! This was my first 10k and I really enjoyed it!

I cannot stress enough how wonderful every marshall I met was. They cheered, clapped, encouraged everyone. My son told me that he was on his own and was cheered on by the marshall even though nobody else was around at the time.

I thought the whole event was really well organised. The course was tough, but so pretty. We were very lucky to be able to run in safety in such lovely grounds. The volunteers were really brilliant very encouraging without being over the top.

Just wanted to say that in all the runs I have done so far this was by far the most beautiful surroundings. Thank you — look forward to doing the race again next year.

Thanks to everyone for organising such a brilliant, if slightly more challenging than expected, run. Beautiful surroundings, which came into view as the fog lifted! Huge thanks to the marshalls, especially on the fields at the end, giving us much needed encouragement for the final K.